Mission Recycling 2024

18-19-20 SEPTEMBER
For you, for the planet, one event at a time.

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To save raw materials
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Non-Ferrous Metals
To reduce fossil fuel requirements
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To avoid problems of disposal and regeneration
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For significant energy savings
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To prevent the cutting of new trees
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To protect the sea and its ecosystem
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To reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
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To avoid the use of chemicals
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To protect the environment by recovering precious metals
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Be part of a revolutionary event for the recycling industry

International event

Pay easy

Networking system

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About Us

Mission Recycling, with its contagious energy and spirit of innovation, positions itself as the sole company organizing virtual networking events for recycling industry businesses worldwide in an easy, convenient, fast, and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing, growth, synergy exchanges, and collaboration among all recycling industry companies, even the smallest ones, to accelerate and improve their business, achieving greater results in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.


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Register for our virtual event and access our portal that will allow you to meet and interact with participating companies from around the world in the recycling industry! Create your profile with a photo and your information. Use the filters to target your search on the companies of greatest interest to you.

Start chatting with anyone you want and have video calls with selected profiles to discuss business.

Download our APP on your phone to always have event updates and receive real-time notifications from those who want to talk business with you. You will be able to enter the portal and connect with other event participants wherever you are. Mission Recycling gives you the opportunity to have your industry in your pocket and the ability to grow it in your hands.

Real-time APP

You won't navigate the event alone - our Web App serves as your reliable companion guiding you in real-time, reminding you of your next appointment and directing you to the next meeting location.

APP support

Say goodbye to time-consuming meeting organisation; our automated system will act as your 'personal assistant' throughout the event, allowing you to fully concentrate on business opportunities and making the most of your day.

Our dream

Our dream for the future is ambitious and clear: to connect all companies in the recycling industry into one powerful networking system. Together, we will create, accelerate, and improve business opportunities, reducing environmental impact and working towards a more sustainable future. By joining forces, we can enhance the recycling industry and leave a positive footprint on our planet.

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Mission Recycling partners with leading industry brands to elevate event experiences

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Mission Recycling 2024
Event Program

  • September 18th:
    24h Virtual networking event
  • September 19th:
    24h Virtual networking event
  • September 20th:
    24h Virtual networking event