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Our event is dedicated to companies contributing to the support of the following types of recycling:

Ferrous metals – Non-ferrous metals – Stainless steel – Special alloys – Paper – Plastic – Tyres, Rubber – Textile – Electrical, electronic, EVB components

Whether you’re a recycler, processor, foundry, steel mill, machinery manufacturer, trader, car wrecker, transporter, shipper or similar; the important thing is that your business falls within at least one of these categories!

Sign up and participate in our event, where you’ll connect with companies worldwide that, like you, are committed to enhancing the future of our planet while significantly expanding your business opportunities.

Upon registration, you will gain access to our portal, allowing you to chat with all event participants. 

Meet industry peers that you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet!

Initiate conversations and invite those you’d like to meet in person to a table for business discussions.

Navigate the event seamlessly with our automatic meeting management system, reducing the time wasted on organising appointments. Focus entirely on your interviews and business opportunities, with the possibility of choosing how many appointments to have in a single day, up to a maximum of 36. Our application guides you in real-time, ensuring you know your next appointment and where to meet the next company.

Mission Recycling App

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