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We specialise in planning and executing corporate events centered around recycling and the circular economy. Our approach is characterised by meticulous attention to detail and impeccable management.

Our vibrant company, with its irresistible energy and a spirit of innovation, positions itself in the recycling sector to conduct international events that foster knowledge, growth, synergies and collaboration among industry players.

Each event is bespoke, tailored to the specific needs and expectations of our clients, ensuring that their experience surpasses all expectations.

We are able to address the different cultural and logistical requirements at each location, promising an unparalleled experience.

In essence, our company, distinguished by innovation, passion, and an unwavering focus on detail, stands prepared to craft extraordinary events worldwide, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of participants.


[Mission Recycling]

If you are reading these lines, it is because, like us, you travel the world for work, discovering different countries, cultures, languages, customs, flavours, religions and much more each time. Much more because by meeting new people on every trip, you can establish enduring relationships that, despite their differences, become uniquely meaningful over time.

If we look at Earth from different vantage points, it almost seems like it’s not the same planet, yet we all live here! We breathe the same air; we all know the saltwater of the sea and the scent of grass when lying on it.

We cannot simply stand by and observe what is happening around us – the greenhouse effect, raw material extraction, deforestation, sea and air pollution, and CO2 levels. 

Are we truly convinced that our lives are predetermined by destiny and that things will change on their own?

What if instead our lives were a sequence of extraordinary, incredible and unpredictable appointments?

An appointment is more interesting, it’s different. You have to go to an appointment; it won’t come to your house to look for you.

Mission Recycling was conceived to contribute to our planet by placing faith in recycling, in people, and in good intentions. We strive to create appointments that can make a positive difference for you, for the planet, one event at a time!

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