[A city of art, culture, and commerce]

A city of art, culture, and commerce, Bologna stands as one of the most significant cities in Italy, renowned for its efficient trade fair structure and a distinguished manufacturing and motoring tradition. Notably, Bologna is recognized for its impressive almost 40 km of porticoes—the longest in the world—which have recently earned it the designation as a UNESCO heritage site.

Often referred to as the ‘learned’ city, owing to its ancient University, and the ‘fat’ one, highlighting its gastronomic excellence, Bologna proudly holds the title of "UNESCO Creative City of Music." It boasts one of the largest and best-preserved medieval historic centres in Europe, teeming with clubs, taverns, theatres, and shops. In terms of quality of life and well-being, it ranks among the top Italian cities.

The city has nurtured great artists, including Giorgio Morandi, Guido Reni, the Carracci’s, Guercino, and Aspertini. Its allure has also captivated illustrious figures such as Mozart, Carducci, Dante, Rossini, and the Nobel Prize winner for Physics, Guglielmo Marconi.

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